Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce Business
Ecommerce Business

Electronic commerce or E-commerce is the modern way of trading which includes the buying or selling of products online. E-commerce solution in India includes technologies like mobile trading, online fund transfer, supply chain management, internet shopping, electronic data interchange, automated data collection system and many others. People these days are tech-savvy and thus they prefer to an electronic method of buying and selling things. Trading has got a new definition in India with the emergence of E-commerce businesses. Surfing through a mobile phone, computer or laptop one can easily opt for services like buying or selling stuffs, transfer funds, pay bills etc.

Types of E-commerce:

The E-commerce solution in India can be divided into six categories. The categories are mentioned below –

  • B2B or Business-to-Business
  • B2C or Business-to-Consumer
  • C2C or Consumer-to-Consumer
  • C2B or Consumer-to-Business
  • B2A or Business-to-Administration and
  • C2A or Consumer-to-Administration.

Advantages of E-Commerce:

Let us now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce in brief. The advantages of E-commerce include –

  1. Eradicating geographical boundaries, enabling the sellers to reach the customers across the globe with minimum investments.
  2. Cutting down the product distribution chain to a huge extent resulting in a transparent dealing between the producer/service provider and buyer.
  3. Product distribution chain gets shortened and the transaction costs gets less, therefore the customers get to buy things at lower price.
  4. The customers get enough choice to select the sellers as per their budget and choice.

Though there are quite a few disadvantages of E-Commerce Solution in India, like poor network connectivity, vulnerable customer identification and customer privacy retaining policies, no definite legislation to regulate E- Commerce transactions leading into fraudulent monetary transaction.

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